Tänää pääsee tekee tän. Jess. Aijon tehdän tämänkin myrkyttömillä ja syöpää aiheuttamattomilla väreillä. Se on mun mielestä mukava tapa tehdä tatskoja

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  1. Wonderful lion. Is he based on the Cowardly Lion from The Wizard of Oz (except braver).?
    I quite like your artwork. I will hopefully be coming to Finland every summer For the foreseeable future to visit my family.
    I hope to get some work done by you or one of the other gentlemen at Legacy.
    I’m interested in continuing a seascape on my arm, which currently has several starfish. I wish to add a squid, a subtly stylized seahorse/centaur to reflect that I am a water loving Sagittarius
    I look forward to meeting you and working with you next Summer.
    Best Regards,
    Andrea Rytkönen
    Berkeley, California

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